D700 Advanced Auto-Learning Genset Synchronization Controller

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D700 synchronization controller is tailored for the most demanding applications, and it can be used for
  • Multi Genset synch & load share
  •  Mains synchronization
  •  Single Genset parallel with mains
  •  AMF unit (uninterrupted transfer)
  •  ATS unit (uninterrupted transfer)
  •  Remote start controller
  •  Manual start controller
  •  Engine controller
  •  Remote display panel
  •  Long term data record on a flash drive
  •  On-board Input&output extension
  • Comprehensive synchronizing & load sharing capabilities
  •  Built-in governor and AVR control
  •  Baseload (kW export) control
  •  Positive & negative kVAr export control
  •  Mains (Utility) decoupling protection
  •  4-Line backlit LCD text display
  •  CAN AVR support
  • Click Here To Download D700 User Manual

 138,000.00  150,000.00


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Key Features

• Multi Genset synch & load share
• Mains synchronization
• Single Genset parallel with mains
• AMF unit (uninterrupted transfer)
• ATS unit (uninterrupted transfer)
• Remote start controller
• Manual start controller
• Engine controller
• Remote display panel
• Long term data record on a flash drive
• On-board Input&output extension


The D700 is a next-generation synchronizing Genset controller combining multi-functionality and wide communication capabilities together with a reliable and low-cost design. The unit offers auto-Genset learning capability, a first in the industry. The multi-functionality of the unit allows it to be a genset or mains synchronizer, even a parallel to the mains controller with a soft transfer in both directions. The unit is available with a 4.3” TFT color display or 128×64 pixels B/W display. The unit complies and mostly exceeds the world’s tightest safety, EMC, vibration, and environmental standards for the industrial category. Software features are complete with an easy firmware upgrade process through a USB port. The Windows-based PC software allows monitoring and programming through USB, RS-485, Ethernet, and GPRS. The Rainbow Scada web monitoring service allows monitoring and control of an unlimited number of gensets through any web browser.

D700 Dimensions

D700 Panel Cutout

USB Port

USB Host Port

Mirco SD Card

Synchronization Functionality

AMF Functionality

Single Genset Parallel With Main

Generator Synchronization Functionality

Mains Synchronization Functionality

Click Here To Download D700 User Manual


Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 19 cm




Technical Specifications

Brand Datakom
Item Length 243 Millimeters
Item Height 183 Millimeters
Item Width 47 Millimeters
Item Weight 700 grams
Product Dimensions 243x183x47mm (9.6”x7.2”x1.9”)
Item model number D700 Synch TFT
Processor Brand Datakom Turkey
Panel Cutout 216x156mm minimum (8.5”x6.2”)
Display Color, TFT 4.3”, 480×272 pixels


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  1. Peter Wargner

    Fusce vitae nibh mi. Integer posuere, libero et ullamcorper facilisis, enim eros tincidunt orci, eget vestibulum sapien nisi ut leo. Cras finibus vel est ut mollis. Donec luctus condimentum ante et euismod.

    Peter Wargner

  2. Anna Kowalsky

    Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Suspendisse eget facilisis odio. Duis sodales augue eu tincidunt faucibus. Etiam justo ligula, placerat ac augue id, volutpat porta dui.

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  4. Muhammad Farooq

    An excellent synchronization unit of Datakom I’ve ever used

    Muhammad Farooq

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